Top Reasons to Choose DriveWise!

Close to 50 Years Experience

DriveWise has remained the most popular brand in driver training across Canada for many years. With all of our experience, we are able to bring our students a more updated curriculum, the latest technology, and excellent customer service. In fact, we have won many awards for being the best at what we do and we can’t wait to show YOU!

Classroom Performance System (CPS)

The CPS™ student response pads or “clickers” are small, handheld devices that allow our students to respond to questions asked verbally, on paper, or on-screen. Each response pad has an LCD screen that allows students to view questions and the answers they have entered. With their eight alphabetical buttons, students can answer multiple-choice questions and navigate through student-managed assessments. This system is very easy to use and the students really enjoy the interactive quality of the lessons when using it. This sophisticated system enables our instructors to instantly assess the individual student’s comprehension of the lessons, guaranteeing a quality experience and result for all participants. There’s no falling asleep in DriveWise classes!

New Fleet of Vehicles

We have been through many cars throughout our years, and we have found our students like the Honda Fits and HRV’s the best. They are comfortable to drive, easy to park, and most importantly, they are safe. All of our vehicles go through an annual safety inspection and are maintained regularly by local, professional dealerships. Every three years our vehicles are replaced. Safety is our top priority!

Best Instructors in the Industry

Our instructors are fully trained and actually exceed the ICBC requirements. Additionally, they receive annual upgrading in their training to keep up with driving trends. We pride ourselves on having a team of instructors who are courteous, friendly, and are not your “typical” driving instructors by any means.

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More On-Road Training

Our full programs include 13.5 hours of one-on-one driving with a fully trained DriveWise instructor. Most other programs out there only offer 12 hours, but not us! This gives our students more time to practice road test skills, parallel parking, defensive driving, emergency maneuvers, highway driving, and lane changes. You name it…we do it!

Highest Quality Road Test Preparation

We take our students on a simulated road test for two reasons. First, to show our students how they would do on the real ICBC road test, and secondly, to show the DriveWise instructor how their student will perform under pressure. This allows for the student and instructor to work together to prepare the student to pass their road test the first time!

ICBC Approved

Our full driver training programs are ICBC approved ensuring that our students meet the requirements and expectations of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia in order to obtain a valid BC drivers license.

High School Credits and “N” Reduction

As long as our students meet all of the ICBC requirements and complete the DriveWise program, they can earn two credits towards graduation and a six month reduction in the “N” phase of their license.

Our Locations

We believe driving schools should have a professional office and classroom setting where students feel comfortable and ready to learn. We encourage you to come and view our facilities. Just give us a call and we are more than happy to set up a tour for you!

Payment Plans

We realize that learning to drive can not be made cheap, so we offer payment plans to help students manage their payments. With driving schools, you get what you pay for. DriveWise allows customers to spread out payments so driver training is more affordable.

We Are Everywhere!

We must be doing something right because at DriveWise we are teaching more than 5,000 new drivers each year! You will see our vehicles everywhere, and we would love to teach you next. Whether you are in the market for one road test preparation lesson, or a full defensive driver training program, we promise you a program with the best training, the best customer service, and the best instructors – guaranteed.