The Road Ahead for Senior Drivers

Safety behind the wheel requires good vision and hearing as well as the ability to react quickly. Many seniors are accomplished drivers with sage driving histories, but find that age-related physical changes and medical conditions can affect their driving. Any restriction on our ability to carry out important driving maneuvers like should checking and emergency braking can lead to safety concerns.

The good news is that DriveWise BC has free seminars for seniors as well as lessons designed to help you maintain your good driving habits to keep you safe behind the wheel for as long as possible. Choose one of our individual driving lessons from a parking refresher to a senior diver evaluation or contact our team to have a customized lesson created specifically for your needs.

Would you like a DriveWise expert instructor come to your seniors group to share more information and questions? Get in touch!

Have questions about ICBC’s ne Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA)?

DriveWise hosts free one-hour information sessions with in-depth information about the ERA as well as a Q&A session to help drivers prepare.

We’ve also developed a new ERA on-road practice exam for drivers who would like a professional assessment and help to address any potential problems prior to their ERA.

More about the ERA- Frequently Asked Questions

Our instructors are fully trained and actually exceed the ICBC requirements. Additionally, they receive annual upgrading in their training to keep up with driving trends. We pride ourselves on having a team of instructors who are courteous, friendly, and are not your “typical” driving instructors by any means.

It’s a driving re-assessment to evaluate a driver’s functional ability to safely operate a vehicle.

This in NOT just for seniors. Any driver with a medical condition that could affect their driving may be referred to the ERA. RoadSafetyBC makes the referral based on a person’s driver file, which may include information from medical or policing professionals.

The on-road assessment has been increased to 90 minutes, drivers may use their own vehicle.

First an ICBC driving examiner reviews traffic sign knowledge and vehicle controls. Then there’s a driving component, which includes feedback on things like adequate shoulder checks and maintaining an appropriate speed. Improvement on these issues is monitored during the remainder of the driving assessment.

  • Senior Driver Evaluation

    On road driving lesson for senior citizens to help refresh their skills overall.

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