Our Full Driving Program integrates the defensive driving skills the student learns in the classroom with private, on-road teaching lessons. The combination of classroom theory and on-road teaching lessons work together to ensure the student becomes a safe and pro-active driver in all types of road conditions. Ideally we would like to spread the teaching lessons out so that ample practice time can be accomplished at home in between the lessons.

We also offer our Full Driving Program (classroom sessions) online virtually with ZOOM to our customers. Please email us at online@drivewisebc.com for more information on dates and pricing.

*If ICBC requirements are met, the student may receive 2 credits towards high school graduation, and could save 6 months in the “N” stage of the Graduated Licensing Program.

Families are very busy and trying to fit in practice for your new driver can be difficult. We know how much practice and experience plays a role in new drivers being safe on our roads. You should expect to practice at least 60 hours behind the wheel with your new driver before they attempt the road test. DriveWise offers extra practice lessons to gain those additional hours needed.

*ICBC Requirements: Students must complete and pass all components of the course in the learner’s stage and within 12 months of beginning the program to qualify.


  • ICBC Approved
  • 2 high school credits and 6 month time reduction in the N phase (*must meet ICBC requirements)
  • 18.5 hours classroom theory (Online with ZOOM 20 hours of theory)
  • 9 x 90 minute on-road one on one teaching lessons (13.5 hours)
  • Highway and downtown driving experience
  • Extensive vehicle handling skills: parallel, uphill, and downhill parking; backing into parking stalls; 3-point turns; risk perception and running commentary
  • Mock road test
  • High School students are GST exempt! ( You must be in enrolled in high school at the time program begins)
  • EASY PAY Payment plans available !