• In-Car Driving Lesson Packages

    DriveWise has many different packages to suit individual needs. We can customize a program tailored just for you or your new driver! Looking for road test preparation? Maybe you need to brush up on your highway driving or scanning intersections. Are you a senior driver who needs to do an ERA with ICBC? We have packages for even the very beginner driver wanting to learn the basics so they can practice with their co-driver. You name it, we have it! Here are just a few packages – if you have specific needs, please contact us!

  • Road Test Evaluation

    Evaluate your driving and work on the skills necessary to pass the ICBC road test.

  • Road Test Package

    Use of DriveWise vehicle for road test, warm-up lesson immediately prior to student’s ICBC road test.

  • Defensive Driving Package

    Defensive driving skills, parallel parking, reverse stall parking, and specific road test preparation practice.

  • Get Rid of your ‘N’

    Assess your general driving skills in preparation for the Class 5 ICBC road test.

  • Parking Made Easy

    Work on parallel parking, uphill and downhill parking, and stall parking (drive in and reverse).

  • Senior Driver Evaluation

    On road driving lesson for senior citizens to help refresh their skills overall.

  • Highway/ Freeway Driving

    Learn to enter and exit a highway the proper way and work on lane changes at higher speeds.

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