When should my son/daughter begin to take driver training?

DriveWise recommends beginning our program as soon after your new driver receives his/her “L” so we can begin to teach proper techniques and steering methods. Graduated Licensing is meant to be a “graduated” approach to learning to drive. Try not to do all the driving during the last month before their road test.

How qualified are your instructors?

Our instructors are the most qualified in the industry. They have all been through a five week instructor training program as well as a Graduated Licensing Program course from ICBC. Every instructor is updated each year by the DriveWise re-certification team across Canada. If they are not up to par with us, they can’t teach. It’s that simple! We have an amazing group of instructors and we are very proud to be working with them.

Can we come and check out your facilities?

We take pride in our classrooms, our cars, and all our team members. If at anytime you wish to take a look at our locations, please let us know and we will be happy to take you on a tour. We feel all professional driving schools should have a professional location to serve customers.  It amazes us how some driving schools do not have an office or classroom to pay for, but still charge prices as high as the professional driving schools.  If you are shopping around, ask specifically to see their office!

Do we have to take a full course or can we just take in-car lessons to prepare for the road test?

Our instructors are fully trained and actually exceed the ICBC requirements. Additionally, they receive annual upgrading in their training to keep up with driving trends. We pride ourselves on having a team of instructors who are courteous, friendly, and are not your “typical” driving instructors by any means.

What type of vehicles do you use?

We have a fleet of Honda Fits/HRV’S and Tesla’s.  These are great cars to learn how to drive in and, above all, extremely safe! Each car has a dual brake for the instructor. Our company owns the cars which mean we maintain the upkeep and servicing. This is an important part in keeping our cars safe.

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Does DriveWise qualify my son/daughter to receive two high school credits and a six month reduction in the “N” phase of their learners license?

ABSOLUTELY! If you complete the Full DriveWise program in 365 days, you will qualify for two high school credits and a six month reduction. You must NOT have any “at fault” crashes or traffic violations (speeding tickets) during your “N” period to fully qualify for the six month reduction in the “N” phase.


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