As roundabouts become more prevalent on our roads, understanding how to navigate them effectively is crucial for maintaining traffic flow and ensuring safety. In this episode of “Drive Wisely on CHEK,” presented by DriveWise BC and hosted by Kate Harris, we provide essential tips for confidently handling roundabouts.

Preparation is Key

As you approach the roundabout, remember that you must yield to traffic already circulating within it. Most roundabouts will feature a yield sign at the entrance. It’s important to give right-of-way to those already in the roundabout to prevent collisions and keep traffic moving smoothly.

Navigating Within the Roundabout

Once you enter the roundabout, you should only turn right. There’s no need to signal as you enter; however, once inside, start signaling left to indicate that you are not exiting immediately. This signal helps inform other drivers of your intentions, ensuring that everyone knows you will continue around the roundabout.

Exiting the Roundabout

When you’re ready to exit the roundabout, change your signal to the right. This action notifies other road users of your intention to leave the roundabout, helping to prevent any surprises and ensuring a safer transition from the roundabout to the exit road.

Driving Tips for Roundabout Mastery

  • Prepare Ahead: Understand your route and choose your lane before reaching the roundabout.
  • Follow Signs: Adhere to the directional signs to ensure you’re in the correct lane.
  • Yield to Traffic: Always give way to drivers already in the roundabout.
  • Signal Properly: Use left signals inside the roundabout until you are ready to exit, then switch to a right signal.

With these tips, you’ll find that roundabouts are straightforward to navigate, enhancing your driving skills and confidence on the road.

Ready to master roundabouts and other driving challenges?

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