At a four-way stop, it can sometimes be confusing to determine who has the right of way. Thankfully, the rules are simpler than they might seem at first. In this episode of “Drive Wisely on CHEK,” hosted by Kate Harris and presented by DriveWise BC, we dive into the basic yet essential etiquette of four-way stops.

Understanding the Basics: First Come, First Served

When you approach a four-way stop, the fundamental rule to follow is “first come, first served.” If you arrive at an intersection and see a vehicle to your right that arrived before you, that driver gets to go first. This rule helps maintain a smooth flow of traffic and prevents confusion at the intersection.

When Arriving Simultaneously

What happens if you and another vehicle reach the intersection at the same time? In such cases, British Columbia’s traffic rules come into play: yield to the car on your right. This simple guideline ensures that everyone knows who should proceed first, fostering a courteous and cooperative environment.

Communication and Courtesy

Patience, cooperation, and good observation skills are vital at four-way stops. If it’s unclear who arrived first, a friendly wave or nod can help communicate with other drivers to decide who proceeds next. This small gesture can go a long way in avoiding misunderstandings and keeping the traffic moving.

Safety for All Road Users

Always be vigilant for pedestrians and cyclists, who also have the right to cross at these intersections. Ensuring their safety is just as important as managing vehicle traffic.

DriveWise BC: Your Partner in Road Safety

At DriveWise BC, we’re dedicated to offering top-notch driver education to ensure safety on the roads. Navigating four-way stops and other intersections doesn’t have to be complicated. With our comprehensive driver training programs tailored to all levels of driving experience, you can gain the right knowledge and a courteous approach to handle these intersections confidently and safely. Whether you’re a new driver or looking to polish your skills, we’re here to help you become a safer, more informed driver.

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