Ridesharing is coming soon to British Columbia. Drivers who plan on working for ride-hailing companies will require a Class 4 Licence. Here’s what you need to know about upgrading your licence to become a commercial driver.

Restricted vs Unrestricted Class 4 Licence

There are two types of Class 4 licence. Both can be used to drive ridesharing vehicles, but it is the restricted licence that is the minimum requirement. This is the same licence required for driving taxis, limousines, ambulances and some larger commercial vehicles.

To upgrade to a commercial licence in British Columbia drivers must meet the following requirements:

  •  Class 5 or 6 licence or out-of-province equivalent
  • Driving record with fewer than four penalty points in the past two years
  • No motor vehicle-related Criminal Code convictions in the past three years
  • Meet medical standards and pass a driver’s medical exam
  • Pass a road test with a vehicle suited to the Class 4 licence
  • Payment of all fines or debts owing to ICBC

The commercial driving road test and pre trip vehicle inspection are challenging to pass for drivers with limited commercial driving knowledge. It’s important to study the ICBC Driving Commercial Vehicles book to ensure your driving knowledge and skills are up-to-date.

DriveWise is also here to help! Our commercial driver training will have you ready to pass your Class 4 (restricted) road test the first time so you’ll be able to start working right away.

Contact the DriveWise BC team for more information or register for Class 4 Driver Training.

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