Why30? Slow Down for School Zone Safety


It’s easy for drivers to become distracted while rushing to get to school and work but we all need to be aware that the difference between driving 50KM/hr and 30KM/hr in a school zone can literally save a life.




  • Children aged 5 to 14 years are at the greatest risk for pedestrian-related deaths and those aged 10 to 14 years experience the highest rate of pedestrian-related injuries.
  • Young pedestrians are at a disadvantage because they can’t see as far as an adult or judge speed and distance accurately. They are also more difficult for drivers to see.
  • A vehicle traveling at 50KM/hr requires more than double the distance to react and brake for a sudden stop compared to a vehicle traveling at 30KM/hr.
  • A child hit by a vehicle at 30KM/hr has an 80 percent chance of surviving, which drops dramatically to only a 10 per cent when speed increased to 50 KM/hr.


School zones require drivers to be prepared for heavy pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic and sudden changes like children darting into a crosswalk. Drivers must slow their speed to a maximum of 30KM/hr before entering a school zone and only increase speed after completely existing the zone. This applies between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM on school days.


If potentially saving a life isn’t enough of a reason to slow down, you may also feel an impact in your wallet. Drivers who are caught speeding in a school zone may be fined between $196 – $253 and lose three points on their license.


Please obey school zones and slow down to keep kids safe.


– Kate Wells, DriveWise BC

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