Navigating new cycling infrastructure can be a challenge, especially with recent changes in Victoria, such as those on Pandora Avenue. Brent from DriveWise BC is here to guide you through these updates, ensuring both cyclists and motorists can share the road safely and efficiently.

Understanding New Traffic Regulations on Pandora

As you approach intersections like the one on Pandora at Blanchard, it’s important to note that you can no longer make a right-hand turn on a red light. This change accommodates the two-way bike traffic now present in the bike lanes. The green paint you see on the road, known as conflict paint, is where cyclists may wait for the light to change or maneuver to turn around.

Right Turn Signals and Bicycle Traffic Lights

A significant addition for drivers is the right turn signal at intersections where previously right turns on red were permitted. It’s crucial for drivers in the right-hand turn lane to wait for this signal before making a turn. This adjustment helps manage the flow of through traffic and cycling traffic simultaneously, enhancing safety for all.

Scanning and Adjusting to Road Changes

While the basic road layout may feel familiar, new elements like additional parking spaces and modified bus stop placements require careful attention. Always scan for pedestrians at crosswalks and be mindful of cyclists, particularly when making right turns.

Safe Sharing of the Road

The new bike lanes are designed to improve safety and ease of travel for everyone. It’s essential to respect the designated lanes for cyclists and use your driving lanes responsibly. Before making any turn, always check your mirrors and blind spots to ensure it’s safe to proceed.

Drive Wise and Stay Informed

These changes are part of a broader effort to make Victoria’s roads more accommodating for all users. If you have any questions about navigating these new road configurations or need further tips on sharing the road with cyclists, feel free to contact DriveWise BC. We are here to help you drive safely and confidently through Victoria’s evolving traffic landscape.

Looking to navigate Victoria’s new cycling infrastructure safely?

Contact DriveWise BC for expert driving tips and training. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or new to the roads, we’re here to ensure you drive wisely and safely. Call us or learn more about our training programs and road safety tips.

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