DriveWise BC is now offering free sessions for parents who want to gain driver-teaching skills before they begin co-driving with their teenager. More than 90% of teens in British Columbia learn to drive with a parent or another adult, but many would-be driving instructors have concerns about how to take on the job safely and make it a positive experience.

Whether teens are learning solely from a parent or they are enrolled in professional driving lessons, they need lots of practice time with an experienced driver who feels comfortable with co-driving. We created SafeStart Parent with an aim to reduce anxiety, help families to be safer on the road and to make the experience more fun.

The free two-hour seminars are led by one of our expert driving instructors and are designed to help parents learn the best strategies for teaching teens to become good drivers. The sessions include how to help new drivers avoid common mistakes, communications advice as well as refreshers on driving techniques, defensive driving and rules-of-the-road.

“I felt so much safer getting into the car with my son after taking the SafeStart Program at DriveWise in Victoria. I was more prepared and learned current driving skills to help my son in the car. They taught me to be proactive instead of reactive and how to assess potential risks when we’re driving.” – Cheryl Morgan, Parent

DriveWise is offering free SafeStart Parent sessions on a monthly basis at each of its locations.

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DriveWise BC is also adding a one-hour co-driving lesson for those who would like extra coaching support. The SafeStart Parent coaching lesson will be available for $99.

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– Kate Wells, DriveWise BC

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